MT Research & Educational Services is an initiative to bridge the gap between academics and industry. It was founded with the combination of industry, academic and research personnel. Our objective is:

"To bring industry and academia closer in terms of having productive discussion about the opportunities where they can work for mututal benefits and to discuss about the current need of industry in terms of competent manpower and how academia can help them to bring desired skill set".

We have taken the responsibility on our shoulders to train the student community. We execute various educational events (Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Short Term Courses, Trainings and Competitions) throughout India. We provide various educational platforms for direct engagement of students, academicians and corporates. We execute internships and placement drives also in colleges.

Till now, directly or indirectly, we have organisd 20+ Conferences, 70+ Short Term Courses, 100+ Workshops, 150+ Seminars and 200+ Guest Lectures. If your organization is interested in hosting a collaborative event in your premises, then MTRES is the right choice for this. MTRES will cover all the cost and will take care of everything. If interested, please send the Letter of Interest to

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