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Indexing is a process in which indexes are created in order to maintain the records so that the researchers can reach the requisite particular record. Indexing is important parameter for any journal to increase its visibility and to be recognized as an authoritative, high-quality source of information. Indexing of a journal is considered as a reflection of its quality. Indexed journals are considered to be of higher scientific quality as compared to non-indexed journals.

We provide indexing for major national or international journals and conference proceedings with a purpose to increase their visibility. Once a journal or conference proceedings is indexed in MTRES’s Database, it is immediately made available to all users.

Indexing Criteria:

1. Journal must have ISSN (Online or Print or Both).

2. ​At least one issue of the Journal should have been published.

3. Articles published in issue should be according to research paper template.

4. Quality of figures, tables should be maintained.

5. Regularity of Journal in publishing issues is mandatory.

​6. Published papers should be available either online or in PDF format.


Submit your journal or conference proceedings for indexing.

Indexed Journals: