An award is something given to a person in recognition of his excellence in a certain field. Research Excellence Award (REA) is an effort of MT Research and Educational Services to recognize the research excellence and contribution of Editors, Reviewers and Authors in the respective domain.

We, MT Research and Educational Services (MTRES), are calling nomination for Research Excellence Awards 2020  in association with Buzzingg and Upalabdhiyan in 03 categories (OutstandingExcellent and Promising) to appreciate and honor the Editors, Reviewers and Authors for their special contribution in respective domain by giving them a Certificate and Memento.  ​

Procedure for Nomination:
The nominee should give details of his/her personal achievements and reasons as to why it should be chosen for Research Excellence Awards 2020. Fill Nomination Form and submit Filled Nomination Form along with Relevant Documents to


Benefits to Awardees:

1. Certificate and Memento/Shield. 

2. Citation on MTRES’s Website and Social Media Page. 

3. Citation on website to highlight the success story.

4. Citation on website to highlight the success story.

Important Dates:

Deadline for Application: 30 May, 2020.

Deadline for Fee Payment: 15 June, 2020.


Nomination Fee: Rs. 5000 (15% Discount for MTRES's Members). 


Terms & Conditions:

1. Nominations (as soft copy) are to be sent to

2. There is no prescribed format for nominations. self-nomination is permitted.

3. Nominations for multiple categories are permitted, but the fee has to be paid for each category.

4. Our experts may re-assign a nominee to an award other than the one recommended by the nominator.

5. We reserve the right to select awardees. The selection of awardees will be made by our experts and their decision will be final.

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