Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on 5th September every year to pay respect to the teachers of our country. We also pay our respect to our own teachers. Teachers are regarded as the back-bone of our society. They impart knowledge on various subjects. They have the greatest contribution in building up the character of students and help them to become ideal citizens of our country.


We, MT Research and Educational Services (MTRES), called nomination for Teaching Excellence Awards 2019 in association with Buzzingg and Upalabdhiyan in 03 Categories (Promising Teacher, Excellent Teacher and Outstanding Teacher) to appreciate and honor the best teachers (Nation Builder) for their special contribution in respective domain by giving them a Certificate and Memento.

Jury Members

Dr. Hari Krishna Maram
Vice Chancellor, Universal Digital University, USA
Dr. Kamal Kant Dwivedi
Vice Chancellor,
ITM University, Gwalior
Dr. Pradeep Siwach
Vice Chancellor, Indus International University, Una
Dr. Shailendra N Kulkarni
Vice Chancellor, APG Shimla University, Shimla
Dr. Harsh Sadawarti
Vice Chancellor, CT University, Ludhiana
Dr. Raman Kr. Jha
Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Jharkhand
Dr. Rana Singh
Vice Chancellor, Sanskriti University, Mathura
Dr. Abhay Kumar
Vice Chancellor, IEC Uirniversity, Baddi
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Awardees of Teaching Excellence Awards 2019

Dr. S. Sridhar
Outstanding Teacher
Dr. Sandeep Shastri
Outstanding Teacher
Dr. R. S. Jadoun
Outstanding Teacher
Dr. Sudhir Y Kumar
Outstanding Teacher
Dr. D. S. R. Murthy
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Qamrul Hasan Lari
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Subhasis Roy
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Saurabh Manro
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Natika Poddar
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Sachin Kumar Srivastava
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Bidisha Chakraborty
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Sandhya M. Khedekar
Excellent Teacher
Dr. Prathusha Perugu
Excellent Teacher
Nitin P Mawale
Excellent Teacher
Dr.  Anupama G.
Promising Teacher
Dr. Sushil Kumar Choudhary
Promising Teacher
Jan Nisar Akhtar
Promising Teacher
Dr. Pushpanjali S. Patil
Excellent Librarian
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